CLAM – Centro Latino-Americano em Sexualidade e Direitos Humanos

Reconciling work and family: Issues and policies in Brazil (2004), Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 8

Although there is a considerable and growing literature on the reconciliation of work and family life in many western and industrialized countries, little literature is available on how these issues are addressed in developing or middle-income countries. As valuable lessons can be learned by examining these different experiences, this paper presents the example of Brazil. In recent years, Brazil has experienced rapid economic growth, rapid changes in the labour market, and changing family dynamics. This paper provides data tracing recent working trends in the life course of Brazilian families as well as trends related to the economy and work. It reviews recent policies and initiatives regarding the reconciliation of work and family life, and illustrates the problems faced by many as they strive to address these conflicting demands. Based on an analysis of the facts and trends, the paper suggests priorities for the future.

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