2011 IASSCS Conference

We are very pleased to announce the eighth biennial meeting of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS), co-organized by the Social Anthropology Department of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

The 2011 Conference theme focuses on the multiple ways that equality and inequality are articulated through sexuality. This year we will explore diverse situations of (in)equality in sexuality around the world and critically share proposals, approaches, possibilities, victories, inspirations, but also challenges, that inform and inspire new forms of action and thinking about sexuality.

In line with IASSCS goals this conference seeks to create links between academics and activists, by taking theory into practise, thinking about everyday advocacy, and lobbying for the implementation of sexual rights.The main themes of the conference sessions include, but are not limited to:

Gender, feminism(s) and the struggle for sexual equality.

HIV/AIDS and sexual inequality.

Beyond heterosexuality: LGBTQI challenging and reproducing sexual hegemonies.

Sexualized states. From sexual repression to sexual democracies: The role of the law, public policies, education, medicine and religion.

Non-normative bodies as a sexual battleground.

Development work and the reproduction of sexual inequality.

Sexual tourism: tensions between development and cultural colonization.

Pleasure, desire and sexual (in)equality.

Academia and sexual power relations in the house of sciences.

The races, ethnicities, social classes and ages of sexual (in)equality.

Translating (in)equality: cultural globalization of both sexual discrimination and sexual rights.

Sexuality 2.0: internet, the media and online social networks constructing and deconstructing sexual images, relations and practices.

The arts performing, reproducing and questioning sexual inequalities.

Call for abstracts will open on November. For further information contact us: