Call for contributors: a three-volume book set from Praeger Publishers

As the global HIV/AIDS epidemic progresses into its fourth decade, the three volumes of this set will provide a broad overview of the critical political issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, key areas of policy and policymaking, and the most important forms of activism and ommunity mobilization. The books are designed for an educated, non-specialist audience of general readers, particularly via public and university libraries. The set will incorporate: 1) U.S. domestic perspectives; 2) international perspectives highlighting dimensions of HIV/AIDS in other countries and/or regions of the world; and 3) perspectives on global/transnational processes and institutions. Each volume will include approximately 15 chapters of 6000-8000 words, providing an introduction and overview of he issue, a review of persistent challenges, and an analysis of emerging issues. Contributors will receive a copy of the complete three-volume set.

Volume 1: The Politics of HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care
This volume will cover action by government institutions (including executives, legislatures, and judiciaries at national, state/provincial, and local levels) and intergovernmental bodies (such as UNAIDS and WHO). It will also review HIV/AIDS as an issue for political parties, elections, interest groups, and public opinion.

Volume 2: HIV Public Policy and Policymaking
This volume will cover HIV/AIDS policy in a range of areas relating to HIV prevention, care, treatment, and public health practice, particularly in controversial areas relating to sexuality, drug use, and stigma.

Volume 3: Activism and Community Mobilization
The final volume will review major forms of HIV/AIDS activism (including protest politics, lobbying, advocacy, and services) along with continuing community mobilization among specific populations (such as women, youth, ethnoracial groups, LGBT communities, and HIV-positive individuals).

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