Queering Paradigms 5 in Quito

This is the Fifth International Conference Queering Paradigms (QP5) and the first time the event comes to the Andes. Bringing QP5 to a region where debates on colonialism remain vigorous and indigenous politics dynamic is the occasion to explore what queer approaches can do to imaginaries of modernity. The central theme of this conference explores the intersection of queer studies with post and de-colonial studies. It questions how post and de-colonial paradigms can be queered, how the queer can be decolonized, and the implications of such conversations on hegemonic and alternative understandings of modernity. In the process, the conference is the occasion to foster conversations among various Souths in the global political economy, push the boundaries of what the so-called global south means and how it is conceptualized.

The conference tracks pay particular attention to symbols of the modern and the pre-modern, exploring the religious and the secular, problematizing gay marriage, looking into indigeneities, and revisiting race and spirituality from queer perspectives. In the effort to understand how queer perspectives can propose alternative ways of thinking modernity, QP5 seeks to generate a space to consider the importance of art broadly defined and the possibilities it creates for further dialogue and intersections with Queer Studies. The event hopes to foment a horizontal dialogue of mainstream scholarship with and through art. Further, it seeks to discuss, articulate and theorize the impact of art, and to combine activist approaches and academic concerns without antagonizing both.

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