Tensions and dislocations

Starting with this issue, its twenty-first, Sexualidad Salud y Sociedad – Latin American Journal brings a series of changes, meant to improve its quality and its capacity to circulate in Latin America Latina cutting-edge reflections on the topics it privileges. Its editorial body has expanded, diversifying its international membership even further; book reviews are now “critical reviews” (subject to peer-evaluation); and the number of articles per issue has been increaraised.

This issue shows a renovated capacity, by gender, sexuality, and health studies, to problematize issues and dislodge assumptions, in a way that allows a rethinking of classical concepts in the humanities and social sciences.

A first set of articles explores dissonances in the experiences, sociabilities, identifications and political processes regulating the lives of men who are sexually attracted to other men. Another set of texts looks at how heteronormativity is called on in disputes around the urban texture. A third set de articles makes a critique of the process of “humanizing” and the concept of “integrality” in infant-care, death, and sex education, revisiting tops dear to this Journal, such as the connections between sexuality, health, and broader vital process, such as death and reproduction.

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