Making oneself in the “State”: an ethnography about the process of constitution of “LGBT” as subjects of rights in contemporary Brazil

Authors: Silvia Aguião

ISBN: 9788575114896
Number of Pages: 396

Silvia Aguião presents us with a singular ethnography of the relationships through which subjects are forged – and forms of subjectification/subjectivation – in the daily life of a “participatory” identity policy, composing an overview of the State formation processes that, as the author highlights , are also processes of formation of subjectivities, affections, and networks.
As important as the ethnographic content, and the analysis of the LGBT “field”, is the rigorous theoretical construction in particular, but not only, in the use of texts of an anthropology about/of the State, testing it, operationalizing it in an argumentative way . And all of this comes to us through the life of a clear, direct and lean text, as well as dense, reflective and disturbing.