Dissident Pleasures

  • Authors: Maria Elvia Dias Benitez e Carlos Eduardo Figari
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 857617166X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-8576171669

  Forbidden encounters, obscene narratives, prohibited sexual games, peripheral desires and homoerotic sociability come together in this collection – organized by anthropologist Maria Elvira Diaz-Benitez and sociologist Carlos Figari – which brings, in 20 articles, analyzes and reflections on themes such as BDSM (practice which includes sado-masochism), bareback sex, pedophilia, incest, scatology, homoerotic sociability, prostitution, cross-dressing and pornography, among others, beyond the label of perversions. The authors try to interpret such practices objectively and understand how they are organized, how they originated and how they create sociabilities. The idea is to try to understand how people legitimize their practices. Here we are faced with new configurations that have, as a scenario of cultural production, different fractions of the cultural sex industry, websites, places of sociability and literary narratives. The presence of diverse themes about gender and transgressive sexual practices expresses the effervescence of a field rich in analysis in Latin America and the emergence of critical views in relation to theory and ethnographic practice on the part of new anthropologists. The book explores how it is possible to produce knowledge of sexual and erotic practices that challenge the political effects of disgust. It also addresses the ways in which subjectivities and collective identities are constructed from alternative sexual practices, identifying their production conditions, their transformations and the discourses that agents use to legitimize them.

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