Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders: The Rainbow Path in North American Culture

  • Author: Eliane Bores Berutti
  • ISBN: 9788575111901

The approach to transgressive sexuality in the United States is the theme that weaves together the essays in this book. Starting from the analysis of contemporary gay and lesbian stories in which she maps the most constant themes in North American literature, gives voice to resistance to oppression and contextualizes the fight against AIDS, Eliane Berutti discusses queer studies issues. In addition to focusing on relevant points of queer theory, it is also concerned with thinking about an agenda for these studies in Brazil: would it be restricted to gays and lesbians, would it include other sexual minorities, would it have as its objective the formation of a new social mentality in the 21st century? Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders: The Rainbow Path in American Culture also highlights her postdoctoral research, conducted at New York University (NYU). The meeting with the political activist Sylvia Rivera pointed a new course in the path traveled so far. Transgenders, individuals who question the binary system of sex and gender (man/woman=male/female), were the target of her field research, which includes drag queens, drag kings, androgynes, transvestites, butches, and others gender outlaws.


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