Survey LGBT: Sexuality and Rights. Participants of the March for LGBT Citizenship in Bogotá 2007

This book brings together the results of the LGBT Survey – Sexuality and Rights applied among the people participating in the March for LGBT Citizenship in Bogotá on July 1, 2007. Co-directed by Mauro Brigeiro, Elizabeth Castillo and Rocío Murad, the survey forms part of an investigation carried out by CLAM in several cities in Latin America, and was developed in Colombia with Profamilia and the Grupo de Estudios de Género, Sexualidad y Salud en América Latina (GESSAM) of the Escuela de Estudios de Género, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. The study reveals data on victimization and discrimination of the LGBT population, putting in relief aspects related to the sociability and sexuality of gays, lesbians and transgender people, bringing the social and political profile of the demonstrators of the march. The survey was also applied in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Porto Alegre and, more recently, in Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Recife and Belém do Pará.

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