Between Women


  • Author: Nádia Elisa Meinerz
  • ISBN: 9788575112106

In recent decades, LGBT movements have achieved a series of victories in their struggles for the recognition of human rights and the reduction of stigma against people with different sexual orientations and gender conformations. In line with this social and political movement, the academy has also been contributing to promote a more positive visibility on homosexuality and gender differences. The production of a considerable number of researchers on the subject of sexual diversity ended up proposing a collection of theories, methodologies and analyzes that could guide progressive policies and actions, reinforcing solidarity with LGBT populations in their quest for social justice. Nadia Meinerz’s work is part of this yearning. With theoretical and methodological rigor and the vigor of her passion for the researched topic, Nadia records and analyzes, through ethnographic research, the daily life of a network of lesbian women in the city of Porto Alegre in the early 2000s. how these women relate to each other, how they build their social and sexual identities and how they update and negotiate values ​​and social and political representations related to female homosexuality. Originally conceived as a master’s thesis, her work is of interest to both students and researchers, as well as readers outside the academic world, as it analyzes how a certain segment of women positions itself in the face of the new visibilities proposed by LGBT movements and social representations of homosexuality. traditionally more widespread in Brazilian society. The elegance and clarity of his writing end up bringing the reader closer to the analyzed phenomena, which makes reading a pleasure for all those interested.

*Veriano Terto Jr is a Doctor in Collective Health and General Coordinator of the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA)


*Veriano Terto Jr é Doutor em Saúde Coletiva e coordenador Geral da Associação Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS (ABIA)




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