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The article examines a group of television representations of prostitution insofar as spaces for the construction, reproduction and articulation of meanings on socio-sexual and gender relations, as well as of sexual norm-making. It observes the configuration of a landscape of evaluation of sexual practices during the 2000’s in Argentina, a historical moment during which the emergence of an economic and political crisis coincided with a series of transformations in the structure and contents of television. The article also highlights the processes by which social issues are made relevant in the media, in the context of demands for rights and discussion of public policies in matters of commercial sex.

The author is Assistant Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). She received her PhD in Social Sciences and MA in Communication and Culture at University of Buenos Aires. Her work concentrates on the study of contemporary media media-making on gender and sexuality, with emphasis on television. She teaches Communication Sciences at University of Buenos Aires, where she chairs the Communication, Genders and Sexualities Area. She is part of the Study Group on Sexualities at the Gino Germani Research Institute.

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