The challenges of transversality in an online training experience: Gender and Diversity course at school

This book from the Documentos CLAM collection presents a collection of articles that report on and evaluate the implementation of the Gender and Diversity at School course in its pilot version. This is an unprecedented experience of training distance education professionals in the themes of gender, sexuality, sexual orientation and ethnic-racial relations. The course was offered in 2006, in six municipalities (Porto Velho, Salvador, Maringá, Dourados, Niterói and Nova Iguaçu), with a total of 1,200 vacancies, prioritizing teachers of fundamental education disciplines, from 5th to 8th grades . It was the result of an articulation between several ministries of the Brazilian Federal Government (Special Secretariat for Policies for Women, Special Secretariat for Policies for the Promotion of Racial Equality and the Ministry of Education), British Council (UK body active in the area of ​​Human Rights, Education and Culture) and Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM/IMS/UERJ). Since its implementation in 2003, CLAM has been dedicated to research and training in the area of ​​sexuality and gender studies and seeks to contribute to the formulation of public policies aimed at reducing social inequalities in Latin America. Given its expertise and its institutional mission, CLAM participated in the conception and coordinated the execution of the project. This publication aims to present analyzes produced by different actors participating in the course execution process.

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