CLAM launches new website

CLAM’s new platform allows for greater interactivity on the part of website users, through the rotation of highlighted news and books arranged in a carousel. In addition, the site’s design has undergone changes and the news is displayed in larger formats than before, which has improved the browsing experience. The site has also been adapted for mobile device users. The launch of the new website takes place at a time when the Center completes twenty years of operation. The platform constitutes CLAM’s main communication channel with the broad public that accompanies it.

The Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights was created in 2002 with the aim of producing, organizing and disseminating knowledge on gender, sexuality and health from a human rights perspective. Since then, CLAM has sought to contribute to the reduction of gender inequalities and to the fight against discrimination against sexual minorities. Articulating teaching, research and university extension, it develops resources for students, researchers, activists, professionals and public managers through the dissemination of research in the form of academic publications and through digital media; in addition to organizing events, offering courses and curating and maintaining an open access bibliographic and documentary digital collection on its website. The latter, in turn, was created in 2005 and has stood out for its pioneering role in disseminating content on gender, sexuality and politics in digital format.

Throughout its activities, CLAM has developed prolific academic collaboration projects and regional social communication, in partnership with research institutions and feminist social organizations, LGBTQIA+, the fight against AIDS and Human Rights, in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, with several regional surveys and numerous publications. In addition, it developed a trilingual electronic bulletin (Portuguese/Spanish/English), Sexualidad, Salud y Sociedade, Revista Latinoamericana, which regularly publishes original articles on health, knowledge, rights and sexual politics. This bulletin currently reaches around 10,000 activists, researchers, students, public managers and professionals from different areas of Brazil, Latin America and other regions of the world. The Center also provided advisory services, took part in forums and developed partnerships with NGOs and the Federal and State Governments (the latter in the area of ​​continuing education).

As of 2018, thanks to a greater involvement of postgraduate students in CLAM, the Center’s presence on the social networks “Facebook” and “Instagram” was reinforced, through constant posts. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Center maintained contact with its public through its monthly colloquiums and seminars (both in virtual mode), publishing texts and disseminating news in the field of gender and sexual politics on its website. institutional and on their social media.

Since 2020, CLAM has relied on the work of interns, undergraduate students from UERJ, who became part of the core’s communication team. This team was structured with the support of extension grants, complementary internal internship and PROATEC. Scholarships are granted by UERJ, through resources from research promotion agencies such as FAPERJ, CAPES and CNPQ. The CLAM team thanks these institutions.

In 2022, the Center changed its General Coordination. Before, performed by Horacio Sívori, it passed to the care of Claudia Mora. Executive management became shared between the current coordinator, the former coordinator and Professor Laura Lowenkron.

In this year of 2023, the Center completes twenty years and, in celebration, it will hold events in which it will recover its history, present studies related to its thematic lines of research (which are: sexual rights and policies; sexual culture and behavior; knowledge about sexuality ), and will seek to contextualize the trajectory of gender and sexuality studies in Brazil and in the region.

With regard to the new website, in addition to greater interactivity and design changes, some contents have been re-indexed in order to make them easier to find. In addition, the “Who we are” section gained mini biographies of the Center’s members and began to make available, in the open and free access modality, texts by its researchers, such as articles, books and book chapters. Furthermore, a new section was created to house the theses and dissertations of IMS/UERJ students, supervised by CLAM professors. These works, previously available on UERJ’s Sirius Network, are now gathered in the “CLAM Library” section.

In addition, the Documents Collection, distributed free of charge and freely accessible online through the CLAM website, was made available on the book carousel on the new website, with a view to facilitating access. This collection has 26 titles, the majority of which result from research carried out at the Center, in partnership with other institutions. The Sexuality, Gender and Society collection, currently developed in partnership with EDUERJ, was also made available on the carousel. The latter is composed of 28 publications, consisting of monographic volumes and collections with current topics in the area. The new platform will also continue to share recent news in the area of ​​gender studies, feminisms and sexuality, as well as the productions of its members and partners. The Spanish and English versions of the Center’s new website will be updated soon!

The CLAM team is immensely grateful to the professionals who collaborated with the Center and to the public that accompanies the works that have been developed. We invite you to explore the new portal, to register for the Newsletter and follow these news and upcoming releases!

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