All done: the body and gender of transvestites

The book “Toda feita” (All Done), by anthropologist Marcos Benedetti, doctoral student and researcher at NUPACS/UFRGS, deals with the recent transformations in the social universe of transvestites. The author analyzes the main processes created and experienced by transvestites to make the project of being a woman viable, addressing the fabrication of the feminine in the body. “The body of transvestites is, above all, a language; it is in the body and through it that the meanings of the feminine and masculine are concretized and give the person their social qualities. It is in the body that transvestites are produced as subjects”, says Benedetti.

To broaden his understanding of the meanings of practices and interventions in the body of transvestites who engage in prostitution, the author used the ethnographic method, interacting with them in different situations, visiting them in places of prostitution and in their homes.

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