Social movements, education and sexualities

The collection “Social movements, education and sexuality” brings up interdisciplinary discussions related to education, sexualities and social movements. The texts are structured around four axes: homosexuality, sexualities in interface with theories, social movements and education. The book shows the possible dialogue between social movements and the academy in articles that discuss issues dear to the GLBTT, feminist and black movements. Organized by researchers Miriam Pillar Grossi, Simone Becker, Juliana Cavilha M. Losso, Rozeli Maria Porto and Rita de Cássia F. Muller, the collection brings together works presented at the seminar Social Movements, Education and Sexualities, promoted by CLAM in partnership with the Núcleo de Gender Identities and Subjectivities (NIGS) at the University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in April 2003.

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