Argentina, Human rights and sexuality

The Latin American Center for Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM) and the Center for State and Society Studies (CEDES) published the book Argentina, Human Rights and Sexuality, by Mario Pecheny and Mónica Petracci (coordinator). The documentary investigation whose results appear systematized in the document began two years ago and forms part of the Panorama on Sexual Rights and Public Policies that CLAM has undertaken in five countries of the region. The Brazilian volume was published in 2004 and the Argentine document will follow the Chilean, next appearance, the Colombian and the Peruvian. The panorama will include a collective volume, which will also form part of a Mexican component.


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In 2007, CLAM and the Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad – CEDES published the document Argentina: Human rights and sexuality, with the aim of presenting an overview of the relationship between sexuality and human rights in Argentina since 1983 through the description of the political system and the social scenario. To provide an updated version of this panorama, CLAM and CEDES make available the document Argentina: Human Rights and Sexuality. Update 2006-2007.


To download the document, click here.

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