Chile: Panorama of sexuality and human rights in Latin America

This document sets out the situation of rights within the scope of sexuality and its consequences in Chile, making visible the pending challenges, in a highly complex scenario, which reveals to what extent bodies and sexualities are a terrain of ideological dispute and politics.

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In 2007, CLAM published the document Chile: Panorama of sexuality and human rights, with the aim of reviewing the situation of sexual rights in Chile, from a human rights perspective, integrating the changes that have been produced so much at the level of it legislation, regulations and regulations, as well as public policies. In order to provide an updated version of this panorama, particularly in terms of sexual and reproductive health for adolescents and emergency contraception, CLAM and FLACSO (Chile) make available the document Chile: Derechos y Salud Sexual y Reproductiva. Update 2009.

To download the document, click here.

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