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Marcos José Clivatti Freitag

marcos josé clivatti

Marcos José Clivatti Freitag is a doctoral student at the Postgraduate Program in Public Health with a concentration in Human Sciences and Health at the Hésio Cordeiro Institute of Social Medicine within the State University of Rio de Janeiro (IMS/UERJ). He has a multidisciplinary academic background in law, education and health. During his teaching career he developed experience in public and private institutions, at different educational levels and modalities, with a trajectory in teaching and management. He was a Professor of the permanent staff of the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IFRJ), having held positions of coordination and direction in the sectors of development of undergraduate education, institutional development and expansion. He is also a registered lawyer with the Brazilian Bar Association – Rio de Janeiro chapter (OAB/RJ), is associated with the Brazilian Institute of Family Law (IBDFAM), Brazilian Association of Educational Law (ABRADE), Brazilian Association of Collective Health (ABRASCO) and Institute for Research, Rights and Social Movements (IPDMS) and is a member of the Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM). His interests focus primarily in personality rights; social rights to education and health, the development of new rights, higher education policy, sexual politics, and family studies, from an interdisciplinary perspective, particularly at the intersection of gender, state and religion.

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